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COLUMBIA, S.C. – Alex Szkaradek is a landlord who seems to have the best of both worlds. Mr. Szkaradek, 36, collects rent, but he never has.

The purchase price of this home is $125,000 with easy RENT-TO-OWN terms. To see this property, you do NOT need to schedule an appointment and meet a leasing agent, you simply register at and go see this property without the pressure of a leasing agent.

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If you’re like most home buyers, you’ll need a mortgage to finance the purchase of a new house. To qualify, you must have a good credit score and cash for a down payment. Without these, the.

If your own investment horizon. due to the term mismatch of such companies taking long-term leases to rent space to.

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A Rent to Own arrangement can be a great alternative to purchasing a home through a traditional mortgage for a lot of reasons you might not have considered. Do your due diligence, educate yourself and find a reputable, licensed agent to work with.

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The rent-to-own agreement gives buyers time to build up a down payment or improve their credit score to prepare for eventual home ownership. Home ownership isn’t instantaneous with a rent-to-own option but if all payments are made and all conditions are met, the buyers can exercise their option to buy and become homeowners through this non-traditional path.

Nevertheless, a rent-to-own contract should always include the length of the rent-to-own lease agreement (usually anywhere from 12 to 70 months), the amount of initial option fee (usually 35 percent of final purchase price), the final purchase price at the end of the term, and the amount of the monthly payments that will go toward the purchase price.

In fact, management believes that, just in the virtual “rent-to-own” segment, the total addressable market is approximately $20 billion. This means that RCII’s total sales of $2.7 billion.

This has given rise to the so-called "rent-to-own" (RTO) industry where merchants, often targeting low income consumers, rent merchandise to consumers, who may then ultimately acquire the item by making periodic rental payments for a specified period of time.