Buying A Used Modular Home

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Buying a used mobile home can be much more affordable, but you have to do your research in inspecting the home to make sure you are getting a quality home. New or used, you need to research the conditions of the floors, walls, roof, plumbing, and the bottom of the home.

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Buying a Used Mobile Home and the Land it sits on. If you are buying a used mobile home and the land it sits on, you will attack the situation just as you would if you were buying a site built home. When a mobile or manufactured home is permanently attached to its own property it’s typically categorized as real property.

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After you have educated yourself about mobile homes by reading our blogs and given the place a careful look-over, call a local home inspector for a final, thorough evaluation. While we hope you find this series of articles about home inspection helpful, they should not be considered an alternative to an actual home inspection by a local inspector.

Buying a Used Mobile Home If you are buying a used mobile home from an owner, the lender financing the home with a mortgage or personal property loan normally sees that the sales taxes are paid. However, if you are paying cash for the mobile home instead of financing the purchase, you are responsible for paying sales tax when ownership of the.

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All manufactured properties built after 1976 must have a steel label attached to the outside of the home, normally on the front of the home where the tongue used to carry the home is found. Be certain when inspecting a used manufactured home that you check all wall conditions and utility conditions.