how much are condo fees

How much is a friend worth as a condo guest? – QUESTION: Can a condo board pass a rule, without amending the governing documents, to collect a fee if I want to have guests stay in my unit? Our condominium is charging a fee of $100 per week if we.

Myth About Condo Fees – – In apartments, condo fee is generally based upon per sq ft basis. Say, if you buy a $700 sq ft condo (common entry level condo apartment), your condo fee can be $0.50 cents p.s.f or $350 per month. Similarly, an apartment of size 1,300 sq ft @ $0.50 cents, condo fee works out to $650 per month.

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Thornhill condo owners move to turf board amid $1.3M in. – Facing rapidly rising fees and special assessments costing them more than $1 million, dozens of condo owners at a complex in Thornhill, Ont., say they’re taking steps to kick out their condo board.

As a condo owner, you’ll have to pay HOA fees, which are typically based on the percentage of the development you own. For example, if you own a three-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot unit you’ll.

What to do when association won’t address condo’s lack of water – Q: Our condo has no cold (or potable) water in the kitchen. The condo fee covers water. From my conversations with the condo’s management company, fixing the problem entails replacing a major valve in.

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5 things to know about condo fees | Calgary Herald – Condo fees can also increase with very little notice, often every year. Who’s in charge of the money? As an owner, you have a say in how your condo fee is spent. The condo corporation is a non.

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Boards of Directors | Condo Information Centre – Failure to enforce rules fairly and consistently (and follow them) generally leads to problems down the road. These can result in a lowering of the standards of comportment in the building, degradation of civility and property, maltreatment of staff, abuse of power on the part of one or more board members, as well as financial problems-all potentially lowering the value of owners’ units on.

Condo Fees. Some condominium communities require new occupants to pay several months of HOA dues in advance, as assurance of the new owner’s fiduciary responsibility. You’ll also pay a fee to.