the presidency isn’t a real-estate deal

Santorum: Trump Isn’t So Desperate For A Deal That He. – Former Republican Pennsylvania sen. rick santorum took a shot at former president barack obama Sunday, arguing that he wanted a deal so badly that he “gave everything away” to Iran. Santorum made the comments during a segment of CNN’s “State of the Union,” arguing that a fundamental part of the “Trump Doctrine” is the willingness.

No, Mexico isn’t paying for wall through Trump’s trade deal – Claim: "Mexico is paying for the Wall through the new USMCA Trade Deal."

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Trump’s Gamble: How Hardball Negotiation Tactics Can Win the US-China Trade War – US president donald trump’s negotiation style has been consistent throughout his real estate career and his. but does it.

The market is too pessimistic about prospects for a trade deal, says a long-time China watcher – U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake. and some hurdles in the interim that most U.S. media.

Marc A. Thiessen column: The losers running for the Democratic nomination – Barack Obama won a Senate seat from Illinois before immediately declaring his intention to run for president. At the time. actual accomplishments – including a multibillion-dollar real estate.

Climate change is real but the Green New Deal isn't the. – The Green New Deal is a pipe dream. But climate change is real and industrial activity around the globe is contributing to it.. than the Congress of the last term of the Obama presidency. These.

Trump's Interests vs. America's, Dubai Edition – The Atlantic – Trump’s Interests vs. America’s, Dubai Edition. While Briarcliff Manor isn’t exactly. and one for the name "Trump Tower," for a real-estate deal that the president began exploring.

After Becoming President, Trump Has Sold Millions in Real Estate In. – After Becoming President, Trump Has Sold Millions in Real Estate In Secret. who use LLCs, partnerships and S corporations to make deals.

Trump Tower Chicago Fails to Attract Retail Tenants in Proof Trump. – At least in Chicago. And that's the ur-unreality of this reality-show presidency*.. Trump's Real Estate Company Is Not Very Good at Real Estate. The Real Deal Chicago brings us a saga of so much winning. So very much.

Schumer to Trump: 'You cannot run the presidency like you run. – You cannot run the presidency like you run a real estate deal. You can’t tweet your way through pit.. Isn’t that what he told everybody? Fourth, it’s got a big problem that Republicans on the.

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The Anthony Kennedy-Trump money laundering conspiracy is back-and as inaccurate as ever – Justin Kennedy joined Deutsche Bank’s commercial real estate in. running for president. Most importantly, Justice.

Trump And Xi Are Close To A Deal, But The Trade War Isn’t Over – The world’s two largest economies are nearing the finish line on a trade deal that could be signed by President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping as early as this month. But that.